Work with J.R.



deepen SELF AWARENESS and your relationship with God while experiencing personal accountability.



I teach spiritual FORMATION AND THE PRACTICE OF SPIRITUAL direction.  

About J.R.

J.R. Mahon is a spiritual director, author, retreat leader and founder of TableTop Ministries.

Mahon welcomes clients from all over the world in his spiritual direction practice, helping them with depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, faith, spiritual growth, and spiritual awakening.

J.R. leads quarterly workshops and conferences teaching people spiritual formation and the practice of spiritual direction.

The author of YEAR and Starving Jesus, Mahon helped lead the early movement of XXXchurch as Executive Director and pastor. Mahon’s work has been featured on FOX, CNN, ABC’s Nightline and the Today Show.

Mahon is no stranger to engaging mass audiences, having spent 25 years in the television news business working as Executive Producer for Gannett Television, McGraw-Hill, E. W. Scripps Company and Tribune Broadcasting. Mahon is a highly skilled speaker, communicator, award-winning journalist and sought after creative consultant. His passion is infectious and life changing.

J.R. is married 25 years to his best friend Diane. They spend their time raising three adopted children and make their home in Southern California.