I’m a 30 year veteran of the television business, half of that time spent running or building newsrooms from New York to California. I’ve worked for Time Warner, Gannett Television, McGraw-Hill, E. W. Scripps Company, Tribune Broadcasting Company and multiple private agencies. I've managed and hired hundreds of people as an Executive Producer and News Director and developed a national reputation for photojournalistic excellence and recognized as an award winning storyteller.

In the early 2000’s I was one of the chief architects of, a ministry geared the porn industry. I helped lead the movement to raise awareness about pornography and help those involved in the industry. I was Executive Director, pastor and speaker. I oversaw all national and international XXXchurch projects from marketing to outreaches. Those two things right away should let you know I’ve seen a lot shit and can smell shenanigans a mile away. I also wrote a book called Starving Jesus during that time, you can find it on Amazon.

I’ve always had a line of great folks at my door seeking the answers to what's next. I’ve worked with hundreds of people to find jobs, better their relationships or simply seek peace with God. The one thing people say about me, “you don't bullshit and you lead with grace.” I’ve had great success leading and directing people in a myriad of life's situations. It is my call and passion. My unique experience guiding and leading people in two of the most public arenas has given me great insight into the minds and hearts of everyone. 

I speak across the country on a wide range of subjects. From the state of T.V. news to spiritual awakening.

I founded TableTop Ministries in 2017, a non-profit that helps people guide their relationship with God. Click here for more about TableTop:

I love mid century design, chocolate, peeps at Easter, and reading anything by Brennan Manning. I am married 24 years to my best friend Diane, or as she is known, Saint Di. We spend our time raising three adopted children; Mia, Angel and Zian. We make our home in Southern California.