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We are soul care providers; the bearers of the Spirit, called to help you strengthen your relationship with God and your relationships around you. We have three primary goals accomplished through personal one-on-one sessions, group workshops and/or guided retreats.

1. Provide spiritual direction to individuals and groups. Spiritual Direction is the practice of guiding people as they deepen their relationship with God. We work with individuals and groups to help find healing, forgiveness, freedom, and true self. We refer to this endeavor as YOUR LIFE’S WORK.

2. Develop a network of spiritual directors throughout the country that can meet the needs of people everywhere.

3. Help and equip our traditional church communities to move into greater reliance upon the Trinity and each other so they can listen, advise and deepen the awareness of God's love, helping each other move forward using time honored spiritual practices.


J.R. Mahon is the Executive Director of TableTop. His life’s work is sitting with people, probing and challenging a deeper look at the complexities of everyday life. He has counseled many and seen God change the hearts of the most sorrowful. From men struggling with lust, to women wrestling with their value and worth. If you know J.R., you know time with him can be transforming. He attributes spiritual direction to saving his own life and has witnessed and participated in the restoration of hundreds of lives.

J.R. is a certified spiritual director and pastor living in San Diego, California with his wife, Diane. They are an adoptive family of three siblings. Previously, J.R. worked as Executive Producer for Fox News in San Diego and led XXXchurch as Executive Director. Mahon is also the author of Starving Jesus. He leads a team of five who live throughout the United States. Among them are a designer, an entrepreneur, an Assistant United States Attorney, a spiritual director and a homeschooling mom. They have united with one guided mission: to provide safe, spirit-filled environments designed to experience the love of God while moving forward.


J.R. Mahon / Executive Director - San Diego, CA

Diane Mahon / Director of Development - San Diego, CA

Rob Supan / Creative Director - Akron, OH

Chad Lauterbach / Director of Technology - Los Angeles, CA

Michele Fluke / Director of Outreach - Orlando, FLA

Trinity Jordan / Legal Counsel - Miami, FLA


Currently, face-to-face individual sessions are available in the cities of San Diego and Los Angeles. Arrangements can be made for travel outside these areas. Skype and Facetime sessions available upon request along with traditional phone calls. Group workshops and guided retreats can be booked anywhere with advance notice.


We hope to raise up an army of spiritual directors to broaden the reach of God into the world and traditional church communities.


The relationship built between directors and directees can be life changing, if not life saving. Throughout the writings of scripture we are challenged to take care of each other. The book of Galatians asks us to restore those who are having trouble, bearing each other's burdens so they may take pride in themselves as they take in God's incredible love. God has called each of us to restore those in need.

Partner with TableTop:

  1. Pray for the ministry, the Spiritual Directors, and those seeking restoration.

  2. Give a financial contribution that enables those without the necessary resources to attain Spiritual Direction, ensuring no one is turned away.

  3. Request information on how you can become a part of our spiritual director network.

  4. Book a retreat or group workshop at your church to learn more about how your church community can move into greater reliance on the Trinity, turning toward each other for spiritual direction.

Your help is important. Your partnership provides freedom. Your partnership gives hope. Your partnership allows the love of God to breathe loudly in another's life.

Thank you,

TableTop Ministries