A relationship of a lifetime

I met JR when he was my executive producer at ABC news. Our first meeting we discovered our common faith and in that moment I began one of the most important relationships in my life. 
He fosters success in those he encounters because he’s not afraid to be real. My husband and I leaned on him through infertility, job loss, miscarriage, changes in career and location and severe marital difficulties. We never got canned answers or sugar coasted greeting card quotes. He makes us do the work and gives us the tools to fight for our relationships with one another.
My first book is set to publish this winter and JR holds the first 5 pages. His words are so important and inspiring I had to share them in my own memoir in an attempt to help others like he has helped me. I am so blessed by what this talented young man has done and continues to do every day.  
— Kersitn L.
If only everyone was in Spiritual Direction with JR...

I had some uncertainty at first because I wasn’t entirely clear what Spiritual Direction was really all about, but I decided to try it because traditional counseling wasn’t working. JR has been a real gift from God. He has the ability to be with me while simultaneously being with God. He helps me discern the bigger story going on in my life and engage with the Trinity in a way that even when my life feels like it is falling apart, there is much to celebrate. He helps me see things differently and he has an energy and passion in his delivery that is contagious. JR is wise with incredibly spiritual insight and yet hysterically funny and easy to be with at the same time. I look forward to my time with him every week and my journey is so much more joyful and heading more in the direction of God from knowing him.  
— Jennifer F.
Empowering others!

J.R. loves God deeply and provides amazing encouragement, empowerment and healthy challenge to people who want to grow.
— Sheryl F.
Three words to describe J.R.. Brilliant, Innovative and Passionate. What else is there?
— Mark A.