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Spiritual Director 

I Teach Your Life's Work 


"J.R. is an amazing spiritual director. I struggle to articulate my thoughts and feelings, but J.R. knows how to cut through to the root issue. I highly recommend him!"

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Work with me:

I teach your life's work. 

I'm a spiritual director. Some say life coach, mentor or personal pastor.  

I work with individuals and groups to help them find healing, forgiveness, freedom, and true self... Your Life's Work. 

One-on-one sessions run an hour /  face-to-face, phone or skype  

Group sessions are designed for communities 5 or more / call for details 619.964.0337 or email jr@jrmahon.com

No matter what you are facing, I help you hear God and navigate the season you are in.

Understanding cycles of pain, sorrow, abuse, addiction and abandonment are essential to moving forward in God’s presence.

Healing began for me with a Spiritual Director whose knowledge and wisdom of the Trinity penetrated my heart. It started the process of forgiving, learning to love, and accepting love.

Spiritual Direction is the confidence to know someone is walking with you while you experience God's love. Moving forward in that love reveals true self and the motivation to build successful relationships, careers and structures in your life. 

I’m no stranger to spiritual development. In my time as pastor/spiritual director I’ve counseled everything from issues with depression, pornography, sexual abuse, addiction, family dysfunction and the battle of living with faith while chasing everything but.


What clients are saying...



A relationship of a lifetime

I met JR when he was my executive producer at ABC news. Our first meeting we discovered our common faith and in that moment I began one of the most important relationships in my life. 
He brings people to the Lord and fosters success in those he encounters because he's not afraid to be real. My husband and I leaned on him through infertility, job loss, miscarriage, changes in career and location and severe marital difficulties. We never got canned answers or sugar coasted greeting card quotes. He makes us do the work and gives us the tools to fight for our relationships with one another and most importantly with our Lord.
I've always considered JR my mentor and pastor. I've had great success in my career and when asked I always attribute it to my Lord and the man who has made my relationship with my Heavenly Father so strong: JR. 
My first book is set to publish this winter and JR holds the first 5 pages. His words are so important and inspiring I had to share them in my own memoir in an attempt to help others like he has helped me. I am so blessed by what this talented young man has done and continues to do every day. - Kersitn L. 


If only everyone was in Spiritual Direction with JR...

I have been receiving Spiritual Direction from JR for the past two years. I had some uncertainty at first because I wasn't entirely clear what Spiritual Direction was really all about, but I decided to try it because traditional counseling wasn't working. JR has been a real gift from God. He has the ability to be with me while simultaneously being with God. He helps me discern the bigger story going on in my life and engage with the Trinity in a way that even when my life feels like it is falling apart, there is much to celebrate. He helps me see things differently and he has an energy and passion in his delivery that is contagious. JR is wise with incredibly spiritual insight and yet hysterically funny and easy to be with at the same time. I'm grateful for JR's Spiritual Direction. I look forward to my time with him every week and my journey is so much more joyful and heading more in the direction of God from knowing him. - Jennifer F. 


Empowering others!

J.R. loves God deeply and provides amazing encouragement, empowerment and healthy challenge to people who want to grow. Sheryl F.


J.R. is an amazing spiritual director.

J.R. is an amazing spiritual director. I struggle to articulate my thoughts and feelings, but J.R. knows how to cut through to the root issue. There is love and grace but no room for BS. His knowledge of the Bible and insight into the teaching of Jesus are profound. He has been mine and my husbands spiritual director for years. I highly recommend him! - Anonymous 




J.R. Mahon is a Certified Spiritual Director trained under Larry Crabb at NewWay Ministries’ School of Spiritual Direction.

Creator of “Your Life’s Work,” and founder of TableTop Ministries, Mahon is on a spiritual transformation mission; helping individuals and groups explore a deeper journey with the Trinity while finding healing, forgiveness and freedom, what he calls "your life's work."

The author of Starving Jesus - Off the Pew, Into the World - David C. Cook publishing. Mahon led the early movement of XXXchurch as Executive Director, pastor and lead speaker. J.R. oversaw all national and international X3 projects from marketing to outreaches. The author of The Porn Manual, Mahon wrote it as the essential church guide for addressing pornography.

Mahon is no stranger in engaging mass audiences, having spent 25 plus years in the television business working for Time Warner, Gannett Television, McGraw-Hill, E. W. Scripps Company, Tribune Broadcasting Company and multiple private agencies. Mahon is a highly skilled speaker, communicator,  award-winning journalist and sought after creative consultant.

Mahon has been featured in some of the nation's leading media outlets for his ministry and television work, including The Washington Post and The Dallas Morning News. He has appeared on such national news programs as NBC’s Today Show and ABC’s Nightline.

Mahon is married 23 years to his best friend Diane. They lead a home church called West. They spend their time raising three adopted children; Mia, Angel and Zian. They make their home in Fallbrook, California.

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I love teaching. I've been blessed to speak at churches, universities, colleges, corporations, ministry conferences and television conferences across the country.

Whether you're looking for a corporate, staff event or a sunday morning speaker, J.R. can lead a plethora of discussions from spiritual transformation, sexuality and the principles of growing faith. His passion is infectious and life changing.

Please write me at jr@jrmahon.com or call 619.964.0337

Ministry Speaking Topics:

Spiritual Direction

“The 5 rules of your life’s work”

Pornography / workshops available for groups




Spiritual transformation

Relational Theology

Ministry Building - “The 3 Dirty Words” - Marketing, Public Relations and Branding

Media/Television/Broadcast Speaking Topics:

TV managment

New Media


Use of social media

Past speaking engagements include:

National Press Photographer's Association Flying Short Course

Cutting Edge Editing Workshop

Gannett Storytelling Consultant

George Fox University

Corban College

Hundreds of local churches in cooperation with XXXchurch and the Starving Jesus book tour.



I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink …

it’s time for Christians to get off their comfortable seats near the back of the sanctuary and get out into the world. Author J.R. Mahon challenges fellow Christ-followers to stop talking about being spiritual, and start being spiritual—by rolling up their sleeves and serving a world desperate for the hope Christ offers.



13 years into our marriage God and the state of Michigan brought 3 beautiful foster kids into our home. Diane and I had no clue what we were getting into and that it would become more about them than the selfish desire to start a family.

We went from 0 to 3 kids in a day! People thought we were crazy, but the minute we met them we fell in love and couldn’t say no. Their faces filled with a modicum of hope and the untold stories of a horrendous past.

At the time they were 21 mos., 3 and 6. We’ve had them for 9 years now; it’s been a hell of a ride. It breaks our hearts and fills them every minute of every day.

They are the strongest, most remarkable people I have ever met. Survivors who had no voice, only the hope that someone, some day would rescue them. The irony… they rescued us.

The kids are three beautiful survivors whom I have the privilege of spending my life with.

There are no unwanted children, just unfound families.