J.R.’s latest book, YEAR is 365 contemplations designed to slow you down and challenge you into a deeper relationship with the divine.


What people are saying about YEAR 

“What makes a day? How one begins and ends a day is the alpha and omega of what comprises the meaning we give to our lives. I have always needed help orienting myself to a day and have used various authors and aids to help focus my day. J.R. Mahon has crafted a life-giving, artful, hilarious, and deep dive into the making of a year. Instead of suffering news you can’t do a thing about, why not start your day with someone who knows God, loves life, and is sufficiently wise to offer us a way to craft ourselves to become who we are meant to be. ”

Dan B. Allender, Ph.D Professor of Counseling Psychology and Founding President The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology


“In a time of uncertainty, YEAR brings us all together with a voice of love, belonging and HOPE.”

Claude Silver Chief Heart Officer | VAYNERMEDIA


“JR Mahon has crafted 365 days of wisdom. He masterfully weaves knowledge of self with knowledge of God and beckons us inward and upward into the very heart of God. To read each daily contemplation will be easy, but to marinate on each contemplation and let it read you, is where the real journey begins. My hope is that you will slow down and allow this evocative work to transport you into the more God has for you.”

Michelle Fluke, Counselor / Spiritual Director


“I don’t know about you, but I am tired of pop Christianity books. I am tired of sugar-coated platitudes spouted by the newest guru in skinny jeans. I assume you are like me and want something raw, sometimes hard to digest, deep, and, above all, real. YEAR is exactly that and more. The book is going to sting and heal you all in one.”

Trinity Jordan, Attorney / Author


“The easiest read to learn the hardest lessons. Use these pages as a guidebook to help you thrive in whatever pain you are going through, then come back again and again.”

Kerstin Lindquist, Television Host - QVC / author of 5 Months Apart; A story of Infertility, Faith & Grace


“Profound, challenging, insightful - all words I would use to describe these thoughts for the day that encompass YEAR. Nuggets of wisdom that encourage growth for the spirit and soul.”

Sheryl Fleisher, Spiritual Director

By J.R. Mahon