Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction takes the guesswork out of a relationship with the Divine. Spiritual Direction fosters an individual’s personal, intimate relationship with God. It is the practice of being with people as they attempt to deepen their relationship with God. One person listening intently as another narrates the current season of life. Both knowing God sits at the heart and center of the words and emotions. Spiritual direction seeks the intimacy of community, giving power to carry each other's burdens.

What makes a great spiritual director

  • A great spiritual director will have a spiritual director

  • A great spiritual director will have accountability among a group of peers

  • A great spiritual director will have a very disciplined spiritual life

  • A great spiritual director will see his/her time with a directee as a spiritual practice*

  • A great spiritual director will listen not fix

  • A great spiritual director will help you find true self

  • A great spiritual director will help you hear God

  • A great spiritual director will challenge you

  • A great spiritual director will feel safe

  • A great spiritual director will be available

Spiritual Practices

*Spiritual practice or spiritual discipline will include spiritual exercises that act as intentional movement to connect with the Divine. The purpose being inducing spiritual experiences and cultivating spiritual formation.

Three areas of spiritual practice

  1. Practices of personal cultivation, attention and exploration.

    • Meditation, contemplation, lectio divina, centering prayer - designed to capture your attention

    • Awareness and consciousness development   

    • Prayer - intentionally moving with divine

    • Breathing techniques - breath prayer / mantras

    • Virtues techniques - loving kindness, giving  

    • Somatic Techniques - understanding the body, its movement and flow

    • Chanting - allowing sound, vibration and energy to represent spiritual flow

    • Self-discipline - avoidance of indulgence, fasting, vows of silence

  1. Practices of learning, understanding, absorbing

    • Reading / books, scriptures, poems, etc...

    • Listening - podcast, talks, seminars  

    • Community / teacher / spiritual director relationships

    • Belief and or faith systems  

  2. Practices of external action

    • Rituals - communion, baptisms

    • Service to community and self (helping the poor)

    • Ethics - following a set of principles

Spiritual direction sessions with J.R. are designed to change your life.

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