Client Gave Me Permission to Share | Spiritual Direction - Life Coach, J.R. Mahon

I had a great Facebook DM with a client and wanted to share. It speaks to the need we all have to find peace, as well prove… we are all the same at the end of the day.


 CLIENT: Also… is it normal to wonder "am I growing or walking away?" Like where even, am I spiritually walking. Do I care? I must if I'm texting and wondering.

 J.R.: The questions indicate Christ in you or a risenness of awareness and consciousness about you, about the Divine. This is good but the ego wants black and white thus the struggle to hear the Divine ... this is why we seek stillness and silence to "hear" God to “hear” ourselves, to know love. Allow love to be the guide. in other words, witness your emotions, don't be a victim to them and in that you will see the Divine with nothing to prove, nothing to lose. and you will calm the fuck down

CLIENT: I love you.

 J.R.: love you!

 CLIENT: The ego wants black and white....that's good. Also....if I have one main goal in my whole life, it is to calm the fuck down. "What are you working towards in life right now?" "Oh me...I'm trying to chill the fuck out and not have a nervous breakdown each day. You?" "Coaching soccer"  "thats cool" But.....I am not trying to calm down in the way that quiets or silences my intensity for life and emotions that makes me who I truly am (and that I've thought I need to lighten). I want THAT to grow. It’s the being absolutely ruled by anxiety and fear and not being ok being me that I'd like to set down. I was laying in bed last  night and had the thought..."I just want to live life breathing in life deeply"

 J.R. I am stoked you see that, step one! powerlessness needs confession, acceptance and the ability to let go into new power... giving up the egoic bullshit that keeps you in your mind and performing for everyone even yourself… you're exhausted... come out! find stillness and silence, find the peaceful power of God... it's so much better than being a slave to fear ...

 CLIENT: Oh man. Hit the nail on the head. I am my biggest audience. I perform for myself the most. The absolute fucking most!! I don't accept me. Why would I think anyone else does. I feel like I have a flame inside and it's a little scary. Especially after being a flicker or small ember for many years. And I don't know if the flame is good. It is definitely rebellious

 J.R. it's a good heat!!! warm yourself with it, a lot!

J.R. Mahon