Five Ways To Let Go Of Fear | Spiritual Direction - The Work, J.R. Mahon

There are two emotions I consider the most debilitating to personal, professional and spiritual growth. 

  1. Fear 

  2. Resentment

We must have intimate knowledge of both. 

  • How do they control us? 

  • how do they make us think? 

  • How do they make us act? 

  • How do they stop the flow of giving and receiving love?

I am not looking for us to dominate these emotions, I am suggesting we know them, be a “witness” to them, connect with them intimately. Ultimately manage them in the moment. This can be reality but means you will be stretched as you look at yourself. Yes, this process can be a pain in the ass but!! Liberation, freedom and peace are soooo worth it and possible.

Remember! We are looking to live an undefended life having nothing to prove and nothing to lose. 

Today we will deal with FEAR, tomorrow resentment.  

Five ways to let go of fear:

  1. Know the source of fear-  identify where the fear is coming from, the who, what, when, where of fear… write it down.  

  2. Is the fear focusing on the past or future?  Fear wants us obsessed with an event or person yesterday or tomorrow. It wants us to look backwards or keep our minds in the future, it will fight to keep you away from the present. Fear will want you to believe you are your “short-comings” and failures of the past & possibly the future. Fear losses if we stay in the present. 

  3. Fear will be -  We will fear, period! There is a part of fear that can help as we move forward, the trick is to not be paralyzed by fear. We must learn, “DO IT AFRAID” all the while knowing we are loved by the Divine. 

  4. Share your fear - Fear will consume us, it will rip us apart … we must take the power away from fear by letting God and others know… TALK ABOUT YOUR FEAR! An act of fear confession is LOVING yourself and a movement away from fear…

  5. Pray, mediate, contemplate - stop being tough! We can not do this alone, that's why we're here… allow God your voice … wake the Divine up when you are afraid, yell your fear to God. Allow contact with God to be your defense from fear. 


Love you all … if you want to talk about your fear call me … 619.964.0337 /

J.R. Mahon