My Old Friend | Spiritual Direction - The Work, J.R. Mahon

As a kid I’d wander into the woods. The forest was fascination, mystery and imagination. It gave me opportunity into peace. My mom and dad fought hard when I was a kid and those trees, birds and animals gave me time to step away from the opposition holding my family. There was safety and security greater than me in its shadows and narrow beams of light. 

I like to say I was raised in the spiritual barn, far away from the traditions of a church and the wisdom teaching of Jesus. I never learned to “pray” as a kid and God was just another families hobby. But on the days when yelling, hitting, name calling and fear dominated my house, I’d hike down the street, cross Phillips road and into the deep I’d go. Pulled into listen. Pulled into talk. Pulled in by a voice so soft and loving it was shockingly loud and easy to hear. I never questioned it, it never frightened me nor needed explanation. It was, just was. Comforting, calm, strong, compassionate, understanding and above all cared deeply for me. I couldn't tell you how many hours went into being with the woods but that voice would save me over and over and over again. I knew I was loved.

Some folks at this point would hope I name the voice, give it theology, ideology or perhaps need methodology into it. Would you be disappointed if I didn't name it? Would not naming it take away from me being 52 and still hiking deep into my heart seeking my old friend? Would not naming it shake your faith or belief? Would not naming it lead you into your “woods” or keep you fearfully away? Would not naming it drive uncertainty so deep you take up arms demanding answers? FTR… All questions I’ve wrestled with over the years! All questions I’ve learned to let go and embrace 

My walks can look incredibly different today. Very often they look like me sitting in a chair quietly with eyes closed, reading a book, having coffee with a friend, talking on the phone or writing a blog in a hotel lobby. I urge you deep into the recesses of your “woods.” I urge you into the purity of experience with the Divine. Be still, be silent, be willing to walk, talk and above all, hold the love you walk into. 

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