Miss You Dear Friend | Spiritual Direction - The Work, J.R. Mahon

Those who know me have heard the stories. My first spiritual teacher was a dock worker from Cleveland, Ohio. He taught me critical life lessons, critical spiritual lessons. He showed me how to see myself, how not to bullshit myself, how not to stay focused on myself. How? Power of example. I watched Tommy for years do things for others. Care for others, love others and he did it anonymously. Google his name and you won’t find shit, thank God! He taught me the greatest expression of love is to show love to whoever is in front of you, who… ever! I never heard him say “no.” He always answered his calls, always gave people his time and never did it without giving credit to those who came before him and a loving God who cared for him deeply. He was tough as nails and occasionally put me in my place, again, thank God! As an 18 year old kid, I’d watch him, wanting desperately to be him, to love like him, be the man he was and wrap myself tightly in the faith that gave him nothing to prove and nothing to lose. I would lunch with him, sit next to him at church and one time he stayed the night at my house. I remember every minute with him. I miss him. Sometimes when I’m with clients, I hear his voice and it brings me joy. His example did more for me than it could have ever done for Google. 

Miss you dear friend… thank you.  

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