The Greatest Work Of Your Life | Spiritual Direction - The Work, J.R. Mahon

Know the needs of others and give folks an open door policy to your experience, strength and hope. Most of us think in terms of our “neighbors,” knowing neighbors is important, of course… but I’m willing to bet you don't fully know those close to you. For example, What does your spouse need. What is he or she afraid of. What are their dreams, struggles and how do you help them connect the dots on issues slowing or stopping love in their lives. Love has given us a desire for community. People may not say it but they long for love and want to belong. We must be in a position to take on that longing. We must be in a position to take on need, helping folks give and receive love. Intentionally loving others will usher in the Divine and that will be the greatest work of your life. Who needs you? Start with those in your own house and move slowly down the driveway into the neighborhood.

The practicality:

Ask questions, listen and ask more. Start with, “What do you fear?” Give yourself the opportunity to act on need but allow people to open that door.

J.R. Mahon