Who is your Jesus? | Spiritual Direction - The Work, J.R. Mahon

One of our fundamental faithful problems is our allegiance to certainty. We like rules, process, methodology. Certainty keeps us calm, collected and safe. Black and white allows a proper division easily understood, less work and a larger chance of getting what we want while keeping scarcity at arm's length. The big rub, certainty denies the mystery of God and we need that mystery to keep us growing, maturing and evolving in love. Certainty also keeps the ego raging, keeping us on the same playing field as the Divine, we come to believe we are God and can do what God does. God needs disciples, The original word for disciple is manthánō, it means learning key facts; learning from experience, coming to realize. Translation, staying teachable beyond the platitudes of certitude. When you decided something “is” you shut down the desire to be a disciple, teachable, evolving in faith. If you’re a Jesus person, our faith has way more mystical rabbit holes than we allow for and our ego likes to fill those holes, covering them up preferring to denounce one over another if we simply can't explain them. One of the best ways to anchor yourself in a non-dual way of being or a state of consciousness without dichotomies, follow the love. Learn the simirialites of love among other religions, wisdom traditions and faiths. This very act will open you up for more discovery of God in you and you in God. It will create moments of self reflection and greater moments of intentional love and compassion for those not like you… ultimately helping you love in a very Jesus centric way. Love does not have a force of faithful cops waiting to pull the trigger on your eternity. Eternity is set in every human heart and our rush to get there or guard its route mutes and dissolves the discipleship of love and faith. Get to know the boundaries of your faithful certainty. If you prefer exclusion, I’d check what your Jesus is or better yet who your Jesus is. It could be your ego has become your Christ. 

The Work:

Give yourself the opportunity to know people outside your tribe, community or church. Allow difference into your life. Allow the certainty you hold about religion, sex, gender, nationality, and race something to love. Ask people questions about their faith, lifestyle and background… listen to the responses, allow them their difference in experience while they teach you how they love.

J.R. Mahon