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Faith shouldn't be determined by answered prayer. It's not, ask then get, then faith grows. It’s a trust that says beyond what you see or feel, things are happening. But the “what’s” happening is always the thing we hang our hat on. We are quick to point out what we “don’t get” as the path to building faith. For the record, it’s usually predicated on getting someTHING, someONE or somePLACE. American Christianity owns the “do good, get good” theology but that’s not faith, that’s drive-thru American church ideology. Faith is asking you to want more than the tangible. Faith is asking for spiritual independence, the ability to see yourself, true self. A look that frees you into the idea you're not just waiting to feel God’s loving touch, you are God’s loving touch. At that point, faith will help you lovingly, gracefully with mercy, compassion and empathy receive Divine love. That love will inspire you to share it, build it and give it away to whoever, whenever. Faith ain’t new cars, great looking spouses and better jobs. Faith is the motion of love acting as an agent for spiritual change. Faith is the power behind a loving God who desires to know you, love you and watch you change the world in love. So have faith, because it’s already in you. 

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