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“I don’t have time!” How often do you say it? It’s the way of our culture and it makes sense! We’ve done everything we can to replace intimacy and love with schedule. We don't slow down and talk anymore, we don’t intentionally move our day around the needs of others or even our own. Instead, we prefer to task like no one has tasked before. Our metric for intimacy… when we can fit in, if we fit in. 



  1. close familiarity or friendship; closeness.

 For some, there is a cost with intimacy and love. Will loving others get in the way of success, goals, achieving or the addictions wrapped around life. The funny thing about intimacy… our soul, our spirit desires it… a lot! We crave it, pray for it and look for it every day. So why is it so damn hard to make “time” for love? Well, that’s the thing... time has nothing to do with it. Your need, others need to love or be loved is a natural gift implanted deep within us. We only need to listen and act on love for the secret sauce of intimacy to get its juices flowing. Examples? When was the last time you passed a stranger in need and thought “I should help that person,” or someone you knew was struggling and you thought “I should call, write, DM or simply go see them.” When was the last time you did something for another person and didn't want anything in return. When was the last time you just listened or the last time, “time” wasn't a factor in any particular intimate moment you were sharing with a friend or spouse? OR… when was the last time YOU LONGED for intimacy, the touch, the presence of another, an ear to bend or thoughtful gesture that simply made you feel connected to the universe? These questions lead directly to the heart… I hope you answer them and feel their weight against your schedule. 

I am not suggesting we chuck responsibility to the wind or draw new lines on the clock. I am suggesting intimacy take priority over schedule. the act of loving each other, being present to the needs of others instead of the need to simply consume designated pieces of space with whoever as an act of accomplishment. Yes! I know there is shit to do but with love as foundation stone to time, intimacy rules the day not your calendar and you’ll still get shit done, promise! 

How do you make the adjustment? listen deep inside of you… what is that voice asking you to bring to the table when you're with people? What is that voice speaking to you when it needs and longs for the Divine. What is that voice hoping as you desire intimacy and love? At the end of the day, you've got all the time in the world if you’d listen. Your schedule has nothing to do with love but love has everything to do with your schedule. 

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