Lectio Divina, Holy Reading | Spiritual Direction - The Work, J.R. Mahon

I’m hoping you fall in love with the spiritual practice, Lectio divina.

Lectio divina (pronounced "lec-tsee-oh di-vee-nah"), Latin for “sacred reading,” “divine reading,” or “holy reading,” 

Lectio is a spiritual practice. It’s been used for thousands of years. The idea, scripture comes alive as you read it. It inspires, moves and helps you deeply connect with the Divine. 

There are four steps to Lectio: 

  1. Reading 

    1. Choose and read a small scripture, that same scripture is used for all four steps / What word or phrase captures your attention? Repeat it gently. (you may find reading out loud helps greatly)

  2. Mediation  

    1. As you read for a second time - Reflect on what was just read. Listen deeply, what speaks to your heart as you read.

  3. Prayer

    1. As you read it for a third time - Respond. Allow yourself the opportunity to act… ask questions, talk, petition, worship. 

  4. Contemplation

    1. As you read for a fourth and final time - Rest, contemplate… simply “be with” God. Allow the Divine to speak through the scripture. 

Remember, my number one moto - you can’t screw up spiritual practice. Whatever metrics you create for spiritual practice cut it in half. Give yourself the opportunity to flourish, EXAMPLE… If you are just starting Lectio and want to do it five days a week… do it three days and work into five. 

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