Praying Pissed, The Sweet Spot For Change | Spiritual Direction - The Work, J.R. Mahon

This week I am praying for the willingness to love. I am hoping you find time to do the same. There is a raging debate happening right now... you all know what it sounds like and it pisses me off! I hope it pisses you off. “Praying pissed” is the sweet spot for change. It will force you to act. So, alongside our praying I am asking us to make a commitment… let’s act in love. Let the powerless debate while you and I love the marginalized be it immigrant or racist. Let’s seek those on the fringe, let’s love them, clothe them, talk to them, feed, and shelter those who are weak or on the brink of violence. Let's use our time, money and muscle to pull them into our communities... our towns, churches, synagogues, mosques or families. I know what you're thinking, “it’s too John Lennon J.R!” Perhaps, but love wins man! This violence is in bad need of love, not debate.

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