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I work with a lot of people who are “over church.” Everything from personal strife with the pastoral staff to the over bloviated entertainment of worship, not to mention a still very present dogmatic gospel presentation, served with guilt and shame. We really need to work on that last one.

I hear a lot from both sides… I work with pastors as well. The leaders of churches tell me similar things. Most people are looking for drive-thru theology. A quick hit from the biblical bong and away they go. Most don't want commitment, most don't want challenge, most simply find the act of love too involved. 

Turns out the American church needs an enema, I've been saying it for years but I've been wrong with the finger pointing. I even wrote a book, Starving Jesus. In it, I finger point with such amazing “assholery,” that's right, assholerly… new word, meaning -  crazy self centered... that I only identified problems, no landing pad for change. My finger pointing was absent of love, grace and forgiveness. 

Today, I am hoping to create a landing pad for love, grace and forgiveness. I am taking the assholery out of my spiritual practice and staying open to reconciliation. I am hoping for less leaving, less offense taken, less thinking of self and more constructive understanding that we are all on the same track, vying for love and belonging with the Divine. Don't get me wrong, I'm not falling away from the belief that the church needs an emema, it does, we do! But a church size emema must come from you and I as we hold to loving one another, while loving the marginalized… together! 

There's a saying in Alcoholics Anonymous, “All you need to start a new meeting is a resentment and a coffee pot.” Even through the resentment AA’ers know enough to keep meeting, their lives depend on it! Christians not so much, too much assholery happening in 2019. Look at any study on American church attendance, it’s dismal. Christians are turning into the one spiritual practice where “leaving” is the new cool. We’d rather leave, disconnect and turn love off... the business of Jesus takes work and it seems the workers are few.

So, who gives a shit? Well… you do! You and I want connection, belonging. We desire love, we want to give love… it’s in us! If you have found any peace or new life among the teachings of Jesus I urge you, go back or start a new thing but don’t simply quit, don't give up on love.

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