J.R. Mahon
J.R. Mahon
Direction for your life's work

Direction For Your Life’s Work

Personally - Professionally - Spiritually

Accountability with grace & plan

J.R. Mahon

Spiritual director, mentor and author

By J.R. Mahon

Adoptive father of three, married 25 years

Founder, TableTop Ministries

Host of Your Life’s Work Podcast




Sessions with J.R. are designed to change your life.

Humans tend to build less than stellar self protection mechanisms, and along the way we lose sight of who we are personally, professionally and spiritually. Whether through choice or trauma, those mechanisms produce fruit that look and feel like the following: fear, anger, shame, anxiety, depression, grief, procrastination, codependency.

Left unchecked, we struggle with...

  • Broken relationships

  • Struggling Marriages

  • Feeling isolated and alone

  • Kids and family out of control

  • Cycling through past or present abuse and trauma cycles

  • Angry at God

  • loss of faith

  • Dead-end career

  • Addiction

Don’t stay stuck in hopeless relationships, addictions, fear, self sabotage and old faith systems. 


What I do:

My clients often say I have a gift for cutting through the bullshit and zeroing in on what’s killing them, while gracefully helping them see who they are, where they are going and finding peace.

As a spiritual director, I connect you with the Divine; believing any and all success is contingent on your spiritual condition. Together we clear the wreckage of the past, learn who you are, where you’re going and how to better give and receive love.

As a mentor, I connect you with your passion and build accountability plans that move you toward your desires personally, professionally and spiritually.

My Sessions: Face-to-face, online or phone run 60 minutes @ $100.00 an hour. Sessions are designed to transform your life and cut to the chase. I eliminate the noise, confusion and self-sabotage, giving you every opportunity to live the life you truly desire.

“J.R. has taught me to live undefended, with nothing to prove and nothing to lose.” Brad - client

“My husband and I leaned on him through infertility, job loss, miscarriage, changes in career and location and severe marital difficulties. We never got canned answers or sugar coated greeting card quotes. He makes us do the work and gives us the tools to fight for our relationships with one another and most importantly with the Divine.” Kerstin - client

“When I need an independent voice, I turn to JR. Discussing the intersection of my life and career on an ongoing basis with someone I wholeheartedly trust. It’s because of his mentorship that I continue to achieve the challenging goals I set in front of me.” Gio - client

“J.R. is wise with incredible spiritual insight and yet hysterically funny and easy to be with at the same time. I look forward to my time with him every week and my journey is so much more joyful and heading more in the direction of God from knowing him.” Michelle - client

Spiritual Direction

J.R. directs hundreds of people all over the world. From pastors to students, married or single people, helping them form deeper, more loving relationships. Spiritual direction takes the guesswork out of God. One person listening intently as another narrates the current season of life. Both knowing the Divine sits at the heart and center of the words and emotions.


J.R. has mentored hundreds to success. From Hollywood insiders to parents and professionals. J.R. puts next steps into clear and manageable practicality. 25 plus years in the television industry, father of three adopted children from foster care, along with various media and ministry projects make him a voice of experience and wisdom.


Work With J.R.

Sessions are designed to transform your life. Connect with who you are, what you desire and who you will become. Start now!

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